Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Why it's Good to Shake up Your Exercise Routine

I have found that I love numerous different exercise modes.  I like Zumba, PiYo, RIPPED, Kickboxing, Jogging, & Yoga.  Those exercises are all so different, which is good!  Mixing up your routine makes your body work harder.  If you do the same thing every day, your body gets used to it, and it doesn't work as hard as it once did.

I did Zumba and PiYo last night and I can attest to the fact that it was HARD.  Not because I don't exercise...because I do. (I try to get in at least 3 days per week.)  It was because I was so used to running or doing RIPPED class, that my muscles got a bit used to that.  Zumba is aerobic, and PiYo does a lot of stretching and holding positions.  I have been doing PiYo at home, but doing a live class is actually quite different.  My instructors mix up the pattern every week, so you're not doing the same routine every single time.  My RIPPED class also mixes up the routine weekly. Some days are alot harder than others.

 And that is the point.

You want your muscles, your body, to have to work hard every time you exercise.  The harder it is to catch your breath, the harder your body is working.  When you're sore after a workout, it means you did as much as you could, and then some.  It's good to push yourself.  It's good to try new things as well!  I've been able to do things I thought I would never be able to do! 

When you first start out exercising, everything is hard.  But as you slowly work your way up to do harder and harder things, it proves that you are making progress.  Workouts don't get easier...YOU get better.  So, if you've fallen into an exercise rut, try something new, or shake up the routine. 

What exercises have you found enjoyable?  Please share in the comments below! 

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