Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Pregnancy Funnies

This pregnancy has gone off with a bang!  The cravings and nausea hit about a week and half after I found out "Bubbles" was on her way.  I am daily craving KFC's Mashed Potatoes and Gravy.  Like, ALL DAY EVERY DAY crave.  And today I started craving Ritz Crackers. 

With Fionna, I craved Pickles and Cheesecake. 

With Tiernan, I craved Baked Beans.

With Kayson, I craved Chinese Food (which is weird because I hated Chinese food.)

With Liam, I craved Fruit.

With Ronan, I craved Subway Pizza Subs.

With Winry, I craved Blueberries and Cream Cheese.

So, I wonder what else I'll crave this pregnancy.  For my nausea, my midwife gave me a new medication that is specially formulated for pregnant women.  It's called Diclegis, and is a high dose of vitamin B6 and the main ingredient in Unisom.  It works great!

I also get to see a new midwife, Libby, who has joined Mary and AnneMarie on the Women's Specialty Care midwife team!  I was SO happy with the midwives last time, and I am REALLY, REALLY hoping one of them can be there for the actual birth.  (None of the midwives was on call the morning Winry was born...although I am highly suspicious that the OB didn't even bother calling the midwives because none of them knew I had even given birth!) 

Monday, August 22, 2016

Why I'm Switching to Young Living EOs for Good

The second post on this blog was about becoming an essential oil-using family...(HERE).  I wanted to do another post on which EO company I use. 

I have decided to switch all of my oils to Young Living oils.  They are, in my opinion, the best company for essential oils out there.  I have had and used several brands of EOs, and none compare to the quality of YL.  Even straight out of the bottle (used aromatically) I can smell the difference.  YL also has an amazing array of fantastic oil blends.

What impressed me most about YL is their Seed to Seal process.  They grow their own plants, on their own farms.  They harvest at the plant's peak, and distill according to the best way for that particular plant.  If a batch is somehow tainted, they get rid of the entire lot, and start over.  (which is why some oils can be out of stock for a while.)  You know you will always be getting the best oils available.

I am really interested in their oil line for children.  I have seen amazing results diffusing Lavender and Cedarwood in the kids' rooms at night.  My habitual head-banger stopped his ridiculous head banging!  I also inhale or apply the Stress Away blend before heading out with the kids, and it does seem to help me. My favorite oil blend to diffuse is Purification.  It smells amazing, and makes the whole room smell amazing.  I have Gentle Baby on the way, as I have heard it is the number one oil to have on hand while pregnant.

I used Tea Tree oil when L had a bad staph infection on his toe.  It just would not go away, even after starting antibiotics, and washing it 3x a day!  I started applying Tea Tree (Melaluca) and Lavender to it, then putting a band-aid on it, and it healed after a few days!
Some people may be put off by the price, but keep in're only using drops at a time.  A 5ml bottle can last more than a month, sometimes more than two.  A 15ml bottle can last half a year!  (I tend to buy my most used oils in 15ml so I'm not constantly buying them.)

I finally got my bottle of YL Lavender, and WOW!  The quality of the oil is so much better than the 3 other companies I've had.  I am never going back.  

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Major Happenings!!

Wow!  So many things have been going on over here!!

1.  The most important news is that

WE ARE EXPECTING #7!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

WHAT???  Yes, you read that right.  I am pregnant once again.  It was a complete shock, only discovered when I took a pregnancy test in preparation for a midwife visit for ovarian pain.  We are thrilled, albeit somewhat nervous. 

2.  We are getting ready to start our second year of homeschool! 

Which means lots of planning, making lists, and making sure we have everything we need from our curriculum. I still have to get K's kindergarten workbooks, but other than that and a few other necessities, we are mostly set! 

3.  My 8-month-old is crawling!

That means she is getting into lots of trouble!  Having 5 older siblings also helps with that, unfortunately.  But it is so much fun to watch her explore and discover new things.  Her favorite thing to do now is eat yogurt snacks. 

4.  My husband and I are getting ready to celebrate 8 years of marriage!

I can't believe it's been 8 years since I vowed to love, honor, and obey this amazing man.  I pray God gives me 80 more years with my beloved.  

What fun/important things are happening in your life?  Please share below! 

Sunday, August 7, 2016

What I do for Fun as a Mom of Many

Some people ask me what I like to do for fun as a mom of many kids.  (Like we are some kind of other species, I guess???)  Anyway...Here are my personal responses:

1.  I love to crochet!  I have my own business called, For the Love of Yarn.  It is a fun way to earn extra money while doing something I love.  (My website is HERE)

I learned to crochet when I was 11.  My grandmother was an avid knitter, and had shown me how.  I was not good at it, but I learned about crochet somehow.  One day when my mom and I were at JoAnns, I saw a How to Crochet book and asked my mom if I could get it.  We picked up a hook and some pretty yarn, and went home.  I loved it from the start!  It has only been in the last 2 years that I really blossomed in my crochet prowess.  I learned to read patterns, and I discovered that knowing all of the basic stitches opened up a world of endless possibilities! You can make any shape you want with different stitches;  it's mind blowing!  I love working with my hands, and creating pieces for people to enjoy. 

2.  I love to go to museums.  I love history.  I enjoy looking at old things that once were someone's possessions.  Someone used that item long ago!  It's just incredible to me.  Along those lines are antique shops.  Touching things that meant so much to people who lived sometimes 100s of years ago is just phenomenal! 

3.  I love to read!  I am obsessed with Jane Austen's novels.  I also have a few other favorite authors, such as;  Beverly Lewis, Francine Rivers, Judith Pella, Sarah Mae, Sally Clarkson, Bodie & Brock name a few.  It is so relaxing;  especially when paired with a nice soak in the tub!

So, those are some things I enjoy doing for fun!  What do you like to do? 

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Trim Healthy Mama for "Drive Thru Sues"

I fully admit that I am a Drive Thru Sue...the girl that is out and about and wants to be able to pick up something yummy to eat!   I have compiled a list of Fast Food places that have on-plan foods you can pick up while running errands.  Now, I live in the beautiful state of Wisconsin, so the fast food places I have up here may not be where you live.  I will do another post of places elsewhere soon.

1.  Hardees (Carl's Jr.)

They have a Low Carb It option for all of their burgers!  My personal favorite is the All Natural Burger.

2.  Qdoba

Their Burritos can be purchased "naked," or a burrito bowl.  Order the chicken with brown rice, black beans, lettuce, and salsa for a delicious, on the go E meal!

3.  Subway

You can order any sub as a salad.  Just ask for oil and vinaigrette or bring your own, on plan dressing.  They also have Vitamin Water zero for drinks.

4.  Culver's

I love their Garden Fresco salad with grilled chicken!!  So good! I usually get their Sesame Ginger dressing, or use my own.  (Ingredients are listed as ginger, soy sauce, and sesame oil.)

5.  Jimmy Johns

They offer the "Unwich," which is any sandwich wrapped in lettuce leaves.

6.  Five Guys Burgers and Fries

They offer their burgers wrapped in lettuce leaves.

7.  Starbucks

Yes, you can stay on plan at Starbucks!!  I order a Breve Latte.  It's coffee with Half n Half added.  I always have Pyure packets in my purse to sweeten it myself.  You can also get a coffee with cream.   They also offer Moon Cheese puffed cheese snacks, which are on plan.  Their Classic, Whole Grain Oatmeal is also on plan, just don't add the optional brown sugar topping.

8. Wendy's

Wendy's will give you a lettuce wrapped burger.

9.  Burger King

Burger King also has a low carb burger option.

10.  McDonalds

You can order a coffee with sugar-free vanilla syrup. Their salad is on plan if you take off the tortilla chips, and corn (if you want an S).  Use your own dressing.

Do you have any more suggestions?  If you have different fast foods around where you live?  Please comment below, and I will put them into another post!