Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Pregnancy Funnies

This pregnancy has gone off with a bang!  The cravings and nausea hit about a week and half after I found out "Bubbles" was on her way.  I am daily craving KFC's Mashed Potatoes and Gravy.  Like, ALL DAY EVERY DAY crave.  And today I started craving Ritz Crackers. 

With Fionna, I craved Pickles and Cheesecake. 

With Tiernan, I craved Baked Beans.

With Kayson, I craved Chinese Food (which is weird because I hated Chinese food.)

With Liam, I craved Fruit.

With Ronan, I craved Subway Pizza Subs.

With Winry, I craved Blueberries and Cream Cheese.

So, I wonder what else I'll crave this pregnancy.  For my nausea, my midwife gave me a new medication that is specially formulated for pregnant women.  It's called Diclegis, and is a high dose of vitamin B6 and the main ingredient in Unisom.  It works great!

I also get to see a new midwife, Libby, who has joined Mary and AnneMarie on the Women's Specialty Care midwife team!  I was SO happy with the midwives last time, and I am REALLY, REALLY hoping one of them can be there for the actual birth.  (None of the midwives was on call the morning Winry was born...although I am highly suspicious that the OB didn't even bother calling the midwives because none of them knew I had even given birth!) 

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