Sunday, August 7, 2016

What I do for Fun as a Mom of Many

Some people ask me what I like to do for fun as a mom of many kids.  (Like we are some kind of other species, I guess???)  Anyway...Here are my personal responses:

1.  I love to crochet!  I have my own business called, For the Love of Yarn.  It is a fun way to earn extra money while doing something I love.  (My website is HERE)

I learned to crochet when I was 11.  My grandmother was an avid knitter, and had shown me how.  I was not good at it, but I learned about crochet somehow.  One day when my mom and I were at JoAnns, I saw a How to Crochet book and asked my mom if I could get it.  We picked up a hook and some pretty yarn, and went home.  I loved it from the start!  It has only been in the last 2 years that I really blossomed in my crochet prowess.  I learned to read patterns, and I discovered that knowing all of the basic stitches opened up a world of endless possibilities! You can make any shape you want with different stitches;  it's mind blowing!  I love working with my hands, and creating pieces for people to enjoy. 

2.  I love to go to museums.  I love history.  I enjoy looking at old things that once were someone's possessions.  Someone used that item long ago!  It's just incredible to me.  Along those lines are antique shops.  Touching things that meant so much to people who lived sometimes 100s of years ago is just phenomenal! 

3.  I love to read!  I am obsessed with Jane Austen's novels.  I also have a few other favorite authors, such as;  Beverly Lewis, Francine Rivers, Judith Pella, Sarah Mae, Sally Clarkson, Bodie & Brock name a few.  It is so relaxing;  especially when paired with a nice soak in the tub!

So, those are some things I enjoy doing for fun!  What do you like to do? 

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