Thursday, July 28, 2016

Trim Healthy Mama for "PrePackaged Pams"

There's a new girl in THM Town!!  Her name is PrePackaged Pam, and she loves all things super easy, or straight out of the package.  I can relate, as I love being able to open something, heat it for mere minutes, and have a great meal.  I've compiled a list of my favorite prepackaged foods that all PPPs will love along with where they are typically found in a grocery store.

1.  Frozen, Steamable Veggie Blends (Freezer Section)

I seriously LOVE these!!  All I have to do is throw the package into the microwave (Purists, look away!!), take it out, dump it into a bowl, and add salt, pepper, and lots of BUTTAH...and Ta-Da!  A great snack, or side dish!  Or, I can eat them straight out of the bag. 

2.  Umpqua Oats (Blueberry Apple flavor, it's unsweetened.) {Natural/Organic cereal aisle}

This is how I mostly get my E foods in.  I just open the container, pour water in, microwave it for 1 minute, let it cool slightly, add in my sweetener and I am eating a delicious meal! (Ingredients:  Whole rolled oat groats, Brown flax seeds, Organic chia seeds, Freeze dried apples, and Freeze dried blueberries.)

3.  Minute Brown Rice (Asian aisle, usually)

This little box is amazing!  Brown rice takes FOREVER to cook, even in my rice cooker!!  But with Minute Rice, it's a snap!  (Uncle Ben's has "Ready Rice" packs which cook in 90 seconds;  but they may contain canola or sunflower oils, which are not on plan.)

4.  Oscar Meyer P3 Protein Packs (Lunch meat section

This one is great for when you are on the go.  It is just meat, cheese, and nuts.  My personal favorite is the Almond, Colby, Chicken one.  Such a great, prepackaged snack!

5.  Precooked Chicken Strips (Frozen section)

I love the convenience of these!  If I want a quick salad, I can just tear up some lettuce (or open a mixed bag) add chicken and veggies and dressing and eat away.

6.  Bagged Coleslaw Mix (Produce section, bagged salads)

This product is fantastic.  I can make Eggroll in a Bowl in about 15 minutes with this beauty!  It is also my go-to product for coleslaw for church fellowship time.

7. Riced Cauliflower bags (Produce section, bagged veggies)

I haven't had the pleasure of finding this product yet.  But all of the Mamas who have, rave profusely about it.  It saves so much time and energy.

8.  Braggs All Natural Apple Cider Vinegar Drink (Natural/Organic vinegar section)

It's GGMS without having to mix it yourself, and it comes in a few flavors that are on plan. (there are a few that are NOT on plan, so be wary.)

9.  Frozen Meatballs (Frozen meat section)

One of my personal favorites is the premade, precooked frozen meatballs!  Make sure the ingredients are all on plan, of course.  (i.e., no fillers, sugar, etc.)

10.  Atkins Bacon Scramble (Frozen meals section)

This one I happened upon by accident just recently.  Ingredients are bacon and eggs.  If your in a hurry in the morning, it would be a great way to get a healthy S meal in.

11.  Breyer's Carb Smart Ice Cream (Frozen Dairy section)

This is my favorite of all pre-made things!  I liked the sister's Tummy Tucking Ice Cream recipe, but just don't want to have to make my ice cream all of the time, you know?  This product is fabulous for a once in a while treat.  It comes in Vanilla or Chocolate.

12.  Rotisserie Chicken (Deli section/pre-made meals section)

When your strapped for time, and need a meal as soon as you get home, grab a rotisserie chicken!  It's so convenient, and if there is leftovers, you can easily use them for other meals.  And you can use the bones for broth or stock!

13.  Bagged Salads (Produce department)

With this product, all you have to do is add a few more veggies (if you want), drizzle some dressing on, and enjoy.

14.  Pre-cut fruits and veggies (Produce section)

I love these for picnics or when I'm doing the weekly park dates with the church moms.  Super easy and convenient! 

So, there it is!  Some Prepackaged product ideas for the PrePackaged Pams living in the THM community.  If you have any more suggestions, please leave them in the comments below. 

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Guarding your Children's Ears, Eyes, and Hearts

This day and age has so many things that can harm our children.  My husband and I have become increasingly wary of allowing our children to watch TV with us.  We usually send them to bed at 7, which is when most shows start.  Lately they have been staying up later, which means we can't watch some of the shows we like.  But some shows are pretty family-friendly...or so they say.  We've found that some of those shows really aren't family friendly.  For example:  America's Got Talent.  I love that show!  For the longest time, it was pretty safe to have the kids watch it with us.  (yes, there was the occasional inappropriate act, which we just switched channels on until it was over.)  But this season, one of the judges almost always has very low-cut, extremely revealing outfits that I feel very uncomfortable with my kids seeing.  And, of course, we cut to another channel for the danger acts that have people doing nasty things to their own bodies. 

We love the show, American Ninja Warrior, too.  That is pretty much the only TV show that we don't have to change the channel on.  That and Spartan Ultimate Team Challenge. 

We have also taught our kids that saying, "Oh my God" or "Oh my gosh" is not appropriate.  Yet, everyone says it.  We've had to remind them every time we watch TV or are out in public that we do not say that.  It gets very tiring, constantly having to correct something, and be on guard.  But it is completely and absolutely worth it. 

The main goal of our vigilance it to protect our children's gullible minds.  We raise our children to do and love what is right and good, and that includes protecting them from evil.  If we do not guard them, they get two different messages:  1.  Mom and Dad say I need to love God and obey His commandments because He is the only truth;  2.  everyone else says I can do anything I want with no consequences because whatever I think is the truth. 

Your kids will either be indoctrinated with the Truth, or indoctrinated with a lie.  If we say one thing and do another it sends confusing messages to our children;  and they will more than likely reject what we have taught them. 

Be every vigilent, Mamas!  Our children are counting on us to teach them what is right, and protect them from evil. 

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Just a Blurb...

Hi everyone!  This week is a super busy one.  The oldest 4 of my kids have VBS, and I've been helping with the snacks.  I haven't had time to create or finish any of my drafted posts.

Question:  Who is your all time favorite author to read?  Mine is Jane Austen.  I have 4 different movie versions of Pride & Prejudice!!!  I am slightly obsessed with her, at the moment. 

Friday, July 8, 2016

Why we Chose our Children's Names

We have been told so many times how unique and beautiful our children's names are.  So, I thought I'd share their meanings and why we chose them.  We believe names are very important, which is why we take forever in choosing them. Some of the meanings may sound strange, but that is because we chose a family name, regardless of it's meaning.

Fionna Grace

Fiona is Gaelic in origin and means "Fair."  I added another "n" in there because I liked the way it looked.  Grace is very common and means "charm."  So Fionna Grace is fair and charming.

Tiernan James

Tiernan is Gaelic in origin and means "Little Lord."  James was the name of both of my grandfathers, and means, "He who Supplants." So, Tiernan James is a little lord who supplants.

Kayson Frederick

Kayson is an Americanization of "Jason,"  which means "healing, healer."  Frederick was my husband's grandfather's name, and means "peaceful ruler."  So Kayson Frederick is a healing, peaceful ruler.

Liam Martel

Liam is Gaelic in origin and means "Strong-willed warrior."  Charles Martel, or Charles the Hammer, was an ancestor of my husband's and also his historical hero who defeated the Muslims at the Battle of Tours in AD 732.  So Liam Martel is a strong-willed warrior with a hammer. (which totally describes him.)

Ronan Augustine

Ronan is Gaelic in origin and means "Little Seal."  Augustine, or St. Augustine of Hippo, was a great preacher in the early church.  My husband wanted to name his son after a great man of faith.  Augustine means "great, magnificent."  So Ronan Augustine is a great, magnificent, little seal.

Winry Rose

Winry is Welsh in origin, and means "Beautiful."  We first heard this name on a Japanese Anime called Fullmetal Alchemist:  Brotherhood.  Rose, short for RoseMary, was my grandmother's name.  She passed away 6 months before our daughter was born.  So Winry Rose is a beautiful rose.

So, there you have it!  Do you, your spouse, or your children have unique names?  Please share the meanings or stories behind them in the comments below! 

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Getting Real and Raw

I had a meltdown this afternoon. A nasty, ugly thing that resulted in me clearing off my cluttered, messy counter onto the floor while I wiped large tears of self-pity off of my cheeks.  (Stupid, I know...made another big mess to clean up).  I was done.  I was totally done. I didn't want to be a mom anymore.  I was done with the whining, the disobedience, the messes, the destruction...all of it. 

I had taken them all to the park this morning.  It had a wading pool, and for the hour we were there before eating they all were begging me to go in the pool...non-stop.  I kept my cool, and we ate lunch.  Then we went to the pool, and were there for about an hour.  Everyone pretty much had left (it's a mom's group/playdate thing at church), so I told them to get out and get ready to go.  Needless to say, they weren't happy, and L decided he would protest loudly and angrily.  *sigh*  Amidst the protests and R dipping in the pool twice more...we made it to the van.  They all then decided to protest, and beg, and demand to get burgers.  I was slowly letting my annoyance show.  I stopped at Walmart on the way home for some things, discovered I had left my list at home, and got other things anyway.  All they could do was complain and whine, and Mama wasn't having it.  So I sent them upstairs to take naps.  (Which they didn't do, btw.  Just in case you wondered if they were nap angels...)  They were whining and playing around banging on things (and Daddy was sleeping so that's a no-no.)  So I lost it. 

I gave in to my selfish desire to not be a mom.  I gave in to the desire for no responsibilities.  I gave my frustrations a voice, an out.  And it was so ugly.  I woke my husband up with my yelling.  I made the kids stay upstairs while I cleaned up my mess downstairs.  I could have let them outside, but my selfish self didn't want to deal with wet, mud-covered children as I knew they would make a mud pool and get dirty. 

Thank the Lord for my husband.  He has the ability to talk sense into me.  (I suppose that's why God put us together.)  He came down and I spilled my woes to him amid angry exclamations and tears.  He showed me how selfish I was acting.  He revealed to me that I was throwing a fit;  the very thing I was frustrated at the kids for doing!  I was hesitant to admit my wrong, of course.  But I repented, and we finished the day with Spaghetti & Meatballs while watching the new Paddington movie (which was extremely delightful). 

When you're feeling overwhelmed, defeated, raw, or just done with motherhood...remember:  you are most certainly NOT alone!  Every mother, at some point, feels the same way. You repent, you pick yourself up, and you keep going.  Motherhood is the most wonderful job on earth, it really is!  So, grab your little ones, hold them close and kiss their precious, little faces. 

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Trim Healthy Mama Reviews

I hope everyone had an amazing Independence Day!!

I am going to be trying out the recipes in the cookbook that are more obscure.  Recipes with no picture, or ones you don't hear about alot on the boards.  Stay tuned for my Trim Healthy Mama review posts!

Friday, July 1, 2016

My Top 10 Websites for Moms

I love the Internet!  I love the fact that you can share and find all kinds of amazing knowledge and helpful hints!  Here is a list of my Top 10 favorite websites for moms. (I've linked each site to their name, so if you click on the titles, you'll go directly to the websites.)

1.  Zulily

I cannot say enough about Zulily!!  It is incredible!  A website dedicated to bringing you sales on a range of categories such as Women, Women Plus, Kids, Babies, Shoes, Men, Home, and much more!  Most of the products are on sale for over 50%.  Anything you can think of gets featured on Zulily!  I check it out at least 2 times a week.  I've gotten dresses, shoes, cloth diapers, nursing bras, and a few other items from Zulily. 

2.  Amazon

Do I even have to describe Amazon?  Everyone know Amazon is amazing!!  You can literally find anything on here.  I love Amazon Prime, because who doesn't like free, 2-day shipping??  And, I like their other Prime benefits...Prime Music, Prime Video, Prime Pantry, and Prime Photos; to name a few.  I have been a Prime Member for 6 years now, and let me assure you;  the $99 per year Prime fee totally pays for itself! 


I love this site!  There are more than 5 other sister sites such as,,,,,, and others.  It is free, and you can get free shipping if you reach a certain amount spent.  It has everything you'd ever imagined for moms to ever need.  I have also purchased from the sister sites. 

4. Etsy

This site is wonderful for finding unique items for gifts.  If you're crafty like me, you can find all kids of nice patterns to buy.  It's also great if you want to have a small, at-home business.  

5.  YouTube

This site is indispensable for finding all kinds of music, good, old cartoons, and tutorials for just about anything you could possibly imagine.  It's such an amazing resource.  

6.   Pinterest

This site is known as the catalog of the internet.  You can find everything on here.  I have too many boards to count, and my Crochet board alone has over 700 pins!  Great resource for DIY, crafts, decor, and so much more!

7. Jane

This is such a cute website!  It has evolved somewhat since I started perusing it several years ago.  Some things are more expensive than they were before.  This is an awesome site for buying inexpensive jewelry, niche things, decor, and clothing at a discount.  

8.  Ebay

If you want something at a decent price, and don't mind used...this is an incredible resource!  I have gotten a clothing lot of 20 newborn sleepers for $19!  I have also gotten diapers and maternity clothes for great prices. 

9. Netflix

This is a good site for movies and documentaries!  I have discovered numerous history and science films as well has preschool videos that I can use for the kids' school.  It's also nice if you don't have a movie, and would like to watch one. 

10.  Ebates

This site is wonderful!  You create an account, and when you want to shop anywhere, log in, and search your store.  There is usually a 5-70% cashback value on virtually every site you can think of.  Walmart, L.L.Bean, Vera Bradley...etc.  You get a statement at the end of the month.  You then cash out, and get a check sent to you in the mail.  It is such a good site if you shop online alot.  Who doesn't want cashback??

So, there you go.  10 amazing websites for moms that can help you save money or have a great resource at your fingertips.