Saturday, July 23, 2016

Guarding your Children's Ears, Eyes, and Hearts

This day and age has so many things that can harm our children.  My husband and I have become increasingly wary of allowing our children to watch TV with us.  We usually send them to bed at 7, which is when most shows start.  Lately they have been staying up later, which means we can't watch some of the shows we like.  But some shows are pretty family-friendly...or so they say.  We've found that some of those shows really aren't family friendly.  For example:  America's Got Talent.  I love that show!  For the longest time, it was pretty safe to have the kids watch it with us.  (yes, there was the occasional inappropriate act, which we just switched channels on until it was over.)  But this season, one of the judges almost always has very low-cut, extremely revealing outfits that I feel very uncomfortable with my kids seeing.  And, of course, we cut to another channel for the danger acts that have people doing nasty things to their own bodies. 

We love the show, American Ninja Warrior, too.  That is pretty much the only TV show that we don't have to change the channel on.  That and Spartan Ultimate Team Challenge. 

We have also taught our kids that saying, "Oh my God" or "Oh my gosh" is not appropriate.  Yet, everyone says it.  We've had to remind them every time we watch TV or are out in public that we do not say that.  It gets very tiring, constantly having to correct something, and be on guard.  But it is completely and absolutely worth it. 

The main goal of our vigilance it to protect our children's gullible minds.  We raise our children to do and love what is right and good, and that includes protecting them from evil.  If we do not guard them, they get two different messages:  1.  Mom and Dad say I need to love God and obey His commandments because He is the only truth;  2.  everyone else says I can do anything I want with no consequences because whatever I think is the truth. 

Your kids will either be indoctrinated with the Truth, or indoctrinated with a lie.  If we say one thing and do another it sends confusing messages to our children;  and they will more than likely reject what we have taught them. 

Be every vigilent, Mamas!  Our children are counting on us to teach them what is right, and protect them from evil. 

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