Friday, July 8, 2016

Why we Chose our Children's Names

We have been told so many times how unique and beautiful our children's names are.  So, I thought I'd share their meanings and why we chose them.  We believe names are very important, which is why we take forever in choosing them. Some of the meanings may sound strange, but that is because we chose a family name, regardless of it's meaning.

Fionna Grace

Fiona is Gaelic in origin and means "Fair."  I added another "n" in there because I liked the way it looked.  Grace is very common and means "charm."  So Fionna Grace is fair and charming.

Tiernan James

Tiernan is Gaelic in origin and means "Little Lord."  James was the name of both of my grandfathers, and means, "He who Supplants." So, Tiernan James is a little lord who supplants.

Kayson Frederick

Kayson is an Americanization of "Jason,"  which means "healing, healer."  Frederick was my husband's grandfather's name, and means "peaceful ruler."  So Kayson Frederick is a healing, peaceful ruler.

Liam Martel

Liam is Gaelic in origin and means "Strong-willed warrior."  Charles Martel, or Charles the Hammer, was an ancestor of my husband's and also his historical hero who defeated the Muslims at the Battle of Tours in AD 732.  So Liam Martel is a strong-willed warrior with a hammer. (which totally describes him.)

Ronan Augustine

Ronan is Gaelic in origin and means "Little Seal."  Augustine, or St. Augustine of Hippo, was a great preacher in the early church.  My husband wanted to name his son after a great man of faith.  Augustine means "great, magnificent."  So Ronan Augustine is a great, magnificent, little seal.

Winry Rose

Winry is Welsh in origin, and means "Beautiful."  We first heard this name on a Japanese Anime called Fullmetal Alchemist:  Brotherhood.  Rose, short for RoseMary, was my grandmother's name.  She passed away 6 months before our daughter was born.  So Winry Rose is a beautiful rose.

So, there you have it!  Do you, your spouse, or your children have unique names?  Please share the meanings or stories behind them in the comments below! 

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