Monday, August 22, 2016

Why I'm Switching to Young Living EOs for Good

The second post on this blog was about becoming an essential oil-using family...(HERE).  I wanted to do another post on which EO company I use. 

I have decided to switch all of my oils to Young Living oils.  They are, in my opinion, the best company for essential oils out there.  I have had and used several brands of EOs, and none compare to the quality of YL.  Even straight out of the bottle (used aromatically) I can smell the difference.  YL also has an amazing array of fantastic oil blends.

What impressed me most about YL is their Seed to Seal process.  They grow their own plants, on their own farms.  They harvest at the plant's peak, and distill according to the best way for that particular plant.  If a batch is somehow tainted, they get rid of the entire lot, and start over.  (which is why some oils can be out of stock for a while.)  You know you will always be getting the best oils available.

I am really interested in their oil line for children.  I have seen amazing results diffusing Lavender and Cedarwood in the kids' rooms at night.  My habitual head-banger stopped his ridiculous head banging!  I also inhale or apply the Stress Away blend before heading out with the kids, and it does seem to help me. My favorite oil blend to diffuse is Purification.  It smells amazing, and makes the whole room smell amazing.  I have Gentle Baby on the way, as I have heard it is the number one oil to have on hand while pregnant.

I used Tea Tree oil when L had a bad staph infection on his toe.  It just would not go away, even after starting antibiotics, and washing it 3x a day!  I started applying Tea Tree (Melaluca) and Lavender to it, then putting a band-aid on it, and it healed after a few days!
Some people may be put off by the price, but keep in're only using drops at a time.  A 5ml bottle can last more than a month, sometimes more than two.  A 15ml bottle can last half a year!  (I tend to buy my most used oils in 15ml so I'm not constantly buying them.)

I finally got my bottle of YL Lavender, and WOW!  The quality of the oil is so much better than the 3 other companies I've had.  I am never going back.  

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