Friday, November 18, 2016

Getting Real about My PCOS

In 2015, I was diagnosed with Poly-cystic Ovarian Syndrome, or PCOS.  That is a condition where your ovaries are covered in cysts created by the follicles left over from ovulation.  Your ovaries look like a sponge, basically.  It causes hormone imbalance, weight gain, insulin resistance, unsightly hair growth (like chin hair, mustache...), and infertility.  (although, in my seems to cause hyper-fertility.  Hormones affect everyone differently.)  Let me tell you...PCOS is NOT fun.

For the past few weeks, I fell off the Trim Healthy Mama wagon, and am struggling to get back on.  It just seemed to take way to long to prepare on-plan meals, and having to constantly think about fuel pairings and what I can and cannot eat is frankly, exhausting.  Cue Taco Bell and their amazing Rolled Chicken Tacos dipped in Spicy Ranch dip (seriously...deep fried heaven!!)  Foods heavy in dairy, unhealthy fats, and calories are not good for women with PCOS.  It makes the symptoms worse.  So, I am supposed to be following a PCOS-friendly diet.  (Taco Bell is not included in that, unfortunately.)

Trim Healthy Mama works very well with the diet supposed to be followed while having PCOS.  Many infertile PCOS women have been able to get pregnant because of following the THM diet.  It covers the required low-glycemic index requirements.  Some doctors also recommend a dairy free or low dairy diet as well.  Low-fat foods are also suggested, although I believe healthy fats in moderation are fine.

The reason I'm wanting to get real about my PCOS, is that I believe it has flared up in these past few weeks. I have a dull ache in the reproductive area of my abdomen pretty much all of the time.  I can feel that my blood pressure is elevated, and my acne and chin hair is coming back.  UGH!  So, I've decided to get ahold of myself and take care of this issue.  What am I doing about it?


1.  I'm going to follow THM pretty much 100% when I can.

Meaning, no Taco Bell stops, only on-plan Starbucks, making sure my meals at home are on plan.

2.  Following an exercise program.

I discovered Lindsay Brin (Moms Into Fitness) when I was pregnant with Tiernan.  She has amazing workout DVDs for all 3 trimesters of pregnancy and postpartum recovery.  She explains all of the moves before you start.  I bought her Pretty Fierce:  Weight Loss program that I am starting today.  I also go to my local Y for a fitness class every Thursday (if possible) and occasionally Tuesday, if I'm able.

3.  Take my medication faithfully.

I am on Metformin, and even though my prescription is full dose (2000mg), my body can only handle half of that.  I try to remember to take it at suppertime, but sometimes I don't eat supper, so I forget.  When I was faithfully taking it, I was losing weight at a good pace, and my PCOS symptoms weren't so bad.

I am hoping that by combining all 3 of these methods, I'll be able to keep the circle of disaster that is PCOS in check.  (PCOS is aggravated by being overweight.  PCOS causes insulin resisitence, which makes it really hard to lose weight.  PCOS is helped by losing weight.)

So, you fellow women with PCOS, what have you found, or done to help alleviate your PCOS?  Please share in the comments below! 

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