Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Keeping up Appearances

So, lately...I've been paying more attention to how I dress.  Not because I wasn't modest before...but because you could call me the Queen of Frump!  Seriously...I often times go out of the house in jeans, sweatshirt, and sneakers...and absolutely NO makeup.  (just ask my mother-in-law!)

 When Bram and I were first married, my mother-in-law told me I dressed like an old lady.  I wore jean jumpers, ugly shoes, and no makeup.  I have since changed, and someone called me "trendy" the other day!  I have an appreciation of fashion, and fashion trends.  I try to maintain a semblance of fashion while still remaining modest.  It is easier to do than it looks, I assure you!

I love Pinterest for fashion ideas.  The people who create the outfits are so good.  I can get an idea, and look for that while I'm clothes shopping.  (the 3 outfit examples I have in this post are all from Pinterest.)

For example, the legging trend.  Leggings should absolutely NOT be substitutes for pants, in my opinion.  They just reveal too much of your body.  I love leggings, however.  They are extremely comfortable.  How do you wear them while still staying modest?  I pair them with long tunics or under short dresses and I wear tall boots.  Trendy AND modest!

My husband has no fashion sense (sorry, Babe;  I love you but it's true.).  He does, however, have an opinion on what I wear.   He knows I know what is and isn't appropriate.  His only want is no frump.  What husband would like his wife to look frumpy?  He loves when I wear skirts or dresses, so I try to add them into my wardrobe.  It helps greatly that I love skirts and dresses, too.

I love fall fashion!  Sweaters, Jeans, Boots, Scarves...all things fall!!  As a crocheter, I have the ability to create pretty much any scarf or cowl I want.  I have a talented friend who can make those gorgeous blanket scarves;  which are oh so popular right now.  (you can find her at Infinity Knits)

To accessorize my look, I like to wear those bobble necklaces.  They come in all of the colors of the rainbow, and they are so cute!  Some ladies like to wear the long, multi-strand necklaces as well.  Some days I just accessorize with a scarf or cowl.  They are SO cozy and warm!

I have also tried to wear makeup whenever I go out.  I have permanent dark circles under my eyes, so if I don't wear makeup, I look exhausted.  I love to wear gray eye shadow with a dark liner.  I rarely wear foundation as it seems to clog my pores too easily.  I occasionally wear a BB or CC cream.  Mostly it is eye shadow and mascara with occasional lip gloss.

Now that I had 12 inches of hair chopped off, I can do alot with my hair. I can straighten it, or curl it in mere minutes.  No more "mom bun" for this mama!

What are some of the ways YOU keep up your appearance?  Please share in the comments below! 

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