Monday, November 7, 2016

Christmas in November!!

I am SO excited!!  My dear, darling husband has given me my Christmas present early this year!!!  We are going to see the Seattle Seahawks play the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field in December!!!!!!!!!!!  AGH!!!  I am SO, SO, SO excited! I'm already planning a trip to the local mall to get a jersey and a hat (it will be COLD here in December...), and a blanket at Fanzz.  I might crochet myself a hat, and a scarf or cowl to keep myself warm.

I am kind of a CRAZY football fanatic.  You should see me at home when I'm watching a game.  My husband laughs at me all the time.  I jump, I scream, I dance,...yeah.  The NFC Championship game in the 2014 season against the Packers that went into overtime...CRAZY!! (NFC Championship game SEA vs GB) The Wild Card game against the Minnesota Vikings last season where the Vikings kicker MISSED THE GOAL POST that was about 22 feet away...INSANE!!!!  (Wild Card game SEA vs. MIN 2015)

Anyway...yeah.  So this is a glimpse inside my crazy football fanatic self.  (I will post pictures and do a post after the game!!!!) 

Ahem!  Ok...back to school and housework and THM!

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