Sunday, June 26, 2016

What to do with a THM Recipe Fail

Yes, even in the Trim Healthy Mama kitchen magic things go wrong.  Sometimes it's the recipe itself, which was printed wrong.  Most of the time, it's just a recipe that looks or tastes disgusting.  What do you do when you have yourself a THM Fail? 

So, you decided that something in the cookbook looks really good and you want to make it!  Great!  But 45 minutes later, you have a flop.  This happened to me recently.  Let me share...

It was a lovely, summer day, and Laura decided she really wanted to make a vanilla, yellow squash Trimtastic Cake.  She shredded the squash, blended the rest of the ingredients, and put it in the oven to bake.  It smelled wonderful.  It looked fantastic!  She waited anxiously as it cooled.  Later that day, she tried getting it out of the sprayed pan, but it just fell apart.  Then, she noticed that it was super moist almost uncooked.  She took a teeny bite off the edge, and it was sort of ok.   *sigh*

Ok, so honestly, I was let down by the cake flop.  But I just turned around and made a delicious Raspberry Chocolate Truffle Cake!!  (The whole family loved it, too!)  And that is my point...


It really is that easy.  There are SO many recipes in the books, on Facebook, and on Pinterest.  You can find anything you want. 

I understand, that some of the ingredients are expensive, and that not everyone can afford to replace them easily.  For those mamas, I suggest polling the THM community for tried and true recipes that are guaranteed to not fail.  I use a DIY baking blend that is more cost effective than the THM brand.  I purchase most THM plan-friendly foods on Amazon where I can get free, 2-day shipping.  (I am an Amazon Prime member.)

The most important thing to remember is that it does not defeat your on-plan journey.  It does not mean you should quit.  So many mamas complain and rant in the Facebook group about recipes that were terrible, and how they are just going to quit because they can't find anything good to make.  I hope that all of you lovely mamas will give the cookbook recipes or Pinterest recipes at least one try!  I have discovered so many lovely, on-plan alternatives to my favorites...(can you say Coconut Cream Pie??? Bless you, Mrs. Criddle!!)

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