Friday, June 24, 2016

Trim Healthy Mama When You're in a Pinch

This last Sunday, I had a package of chicken breasts in the fridge, and no time to make the crockpot dish I had planned on!  But, the THM sisters, Serene & Pearl, gave us a lovely cookbook, so I got mine out, and perused the pages;  looking for ANYTHING I could make.  Lo and behold, I found a gem!  It was Creamy Herb Chicken.  I had all of the ingredients!  So I whipped it together, and put it in the oven.  I then went on the hunt for side dishes I could muster together.  Thirty minutes later, I had a full, delicious, on-plan meal!  Creamy Herb Chicken with a side of Let 'Er Rip Salad topped with homemade Ranch dressing, and my very own concoction, Berry Cheesecake Whip. 

So, when you are strapped for time, didn't get home in time, or just plain can't figure out what to make...CHECK THE COOKBOOK!!  There are so many little recipes hidden in there!  This one was a HUGE hit in the family. 

Really, what is easier than ripping a head of lettuce, and putting dressing on top??  (Nothing!)  It is now my go-to side dish. 

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