Wednesday, June 29, 2016

WCW: Women of Faith Series #2

Today we are going to be learning about Idelette Calvin, wife of reformer John Calvin.

Idelette married Calvin after becoming a widow. He asked friends to find him a wife who was, "chaste, obliging, not fastidious, economical, patient, and careful for (his) health".  She bore a son and a few daughters but they all died in infancy.  She was instrumental in tending to his many illnesses so that he could further his reforming work in the church.  She tended the sick and welcomed those running for their lives because of their faith into her home.  She survived the Plague, but died after enduring a long illness in 1549.  She praised her Lord and Savior on her deathbed.  She said,"O God of Abraham, and of all our fathers, in thee have the faithful trusted during so many past ages, and none of them have trusted in vain. I also will hope".

*Quotes come from this website:  Christian Classics Ethereal Library

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