Monday, January 30, 2017

Trim Healthy Mama Discovery

After researching about PCOS, I came to the conclusion that THM was the best diet to adopt 100% (or at least TRY to do 100%).  And when I determined to do that, I discovered something.

It really isn't THAT hard to stay on plan!  

Even when I'm running errands!  I don't have to deprive myself of fast food in order to stay on plan.  I can order a Breve Latte at Starbucks, coffee with cream at McDonalds, and there are so many other choices.

I find it WAY easier to stay on plan when I purposefully keep on plan foods in my cupboards.  I also find that having a strong motivation to stay on plan helps.

My motivation is to slim down for my friend's wedding in May.  She asked me to be her bridesmaid, and the dress she picked is gorgeous!  I was surprised I was in a size smaller than I thought, but I still would like to not look like a stuffed sausage.

If I can stay mostly on plan, please know that...


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