Friday, January 20, 2017

Thoughts on Husbands

Everyone talks about how women need compliments about their appearance so their confidence, self esteem, whatever, is boosted.  I personally love it when my husband says something nice about me.  But do you ever, as a wife, say nice things about your husband's body to him?  I'm not talking sexual things...I'm talking compliments. 

The other day, my husband and I were getting ready for bed, and he was trying to see his back muscles in the mirror.  He said, "Back muscles are kind of annoying.  You can't look at them and enjoy what they look like."  I replied, "Well I certainly enjoy them.  You look great."  The look on his face was just so eye opening for me.  He looked so pleased and happy that I would say that.  He was like, "Really?  Ok, well that's good, I suppose,"  and smiled wide.

We as wives need to be encouraging our husbands by telling them things like this.  We aren't the only ones who appreciate a compliment on our bodies.  They need to know that we love and admire their bodies, just like they do to ours.  It encourages them, and makes them feel good. 

Especially if your husband is into working out and fitness.  He needs to hear that he is making progress, or that you appreciate what he's doing.  Even if you already thing he looks amazing, he may be insecure. 

Now for a little husband bragging on my part...

I never noticed my husband had gotten quite large after our wedding.  He decided he wanted to try a Tough Mudder obstacle course in 2014.  I thought he was crazy, but he was determined.  He started working out to prepare, and he lost about 33lbs.  Looking at old pictures one day, I was astounded that he was so big at one time!  I had never noticed, and I thought he was always my Hot Guy.  In all, he has lost 55lbs. and even so, he steps on the scale and sighs because he isn't losing the weight he wants to.  I always tell him to stop obsessing...he looks great, and it will come off with all of the hard work he puts into his fitness. I love my man, and appreciate all he does! 

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  1. His mother knows that look. When he was a little boy and I would praise him, he would get that smile! Now, it is his wife's turn to do this--and to receive his smile-- for it is from her that it is most important and meaningful.