Sunday, October 9, 2016

My First Participating Tough Mudder Experience

Saturday, October 1, 2016.  We woke up early and got all of the kids fed and dressed.  We had gotten our gear, tickets, waivers, and extra clothes all packed up and ready to go the night before.  After a minor hiccup (I accidentally put my phone in the diaper bag that was at my in-laws) we were off to Road America (the racetrack the event was held)!!

I have to honestly admit, I was SO nervous!  I mean, 12 miles...20+ obstacles...electricity...UGH!!  On top of it was rainy and gloomy and cold.

We arrived at Road America.  We passed our fellow Mudders from the earlier waves already tackling the "Ladder to Hell."  Our wave was at 10:15.  We had a half hour before we were to get in line.  I did a super short, live Facebook video for our friends and family who couldn't spectate.  (we were there all by ourselves, and honestly, it was a crappy day for the spectators.)

We got in line, and were herded into a holding pen (seriously, a cattle.  People were mooing all over the place, haha!).  Then we got released up to the warm up area.  After squatting and lunging and doing jumping jacks we to go to the actual starting line.

The announcer said "GO!"and we all went!  It was exciting!  We jogged for a bit, then we got to the first obstacle, "Kiss of Mud," which is about 20ft. or more of super watery mud that you have to crawl/swim through while keeping your butt down so you don't get caught on the barbed wire strung over the entire swampy mess.  It was fun, although the water was cold.

My husband did most of the obstacles, I did about half.  It was freezing cold, and the trails themselves were an entire, 12 mile obstacle as the rains from the week before turned everything into a soupy, muddy pit.  This was Bram's 3rd Tough Mudder run...and he, as well as all of the other legionnaires, were commenting on just how AWFUL the trails were.  This year was by far the muddiest, toughest course they had experienced...and some of the legionnaires have done more than 20 runs!   (just in case people think I'm exaggerating how bad it was...)

I was SO ready to quit so many times!! I was cold, miserable, and just tired.

After 5 hours of mud, sweat, and more mud...we got to the last obstacles.  Since Bram is a legionnaire, he was able to take the alternate finishing obstacle, "Frequent Flyers."  This was my first run, so I either had to do "Electroshock Therapy" or bypass.  I have a deathly fear of electric shock, and I know you're supposed to "Conquer all fears!"  but I decided to bypass.  I still got my headband and shirt...and a beer, which I took a sip and then gave to my hubby.

My favorite part about Tough Mudder is the camaraderie with the other Mudders.  Everyone looks out for and helps everyone else.  We met some super nice people, and were able to help each other out.


Would I do it again?

(I actually signed up for next year this morning!!)

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