Thursday, September 29, 2016

Trim Healthy Mama Personal Update!

I started my THM journey in May of 2014.  I had just had my 5th baby, and been put on Provera...which made me gain 20 extra pounds.  I stepped on the scale and it read 199.6.  I was dumbfounded.  I swore I would NEVER get to 200.  I was introduced to THM by a friend, and started it shortly after my scary scale encounter.

It is now September 2016.  I had my 6th baby in 2015.  During the pregnancy, I only gained 7lbs.!!  (I started the pregnancy at 185, dropped 10lbs. the first trimester, and at the 36th week, I was 192.  (she was born 4 weeks early.)  I continued to lose weight after I gave birth.  I started back at my RIPPED classes at my local YMCA 1-2 times per week.  I also started jogging to prepare for my 2 mud runs.  I jog 4-5 times per week.

This August, we found out we were expecting again, and since I had been very active already, my midwife said it was perfectly fine to continue my exercise routine, as well as do my mud runs (just avoiding jumping, electric, and other dangerous obstacles.)   I did my Dirty Girl Mud Run at 6 weeks pregnant.  It was a 5k course with 13 obstacles.  I did every single obstacle, got really muddy, and earned my medal!  I had a blast!

Last night, I stopped at Old Navy because I had no jeans or sweaters to wear in the cooler, Wisconsin weather we are having.  I was a 14 in shorts this summer, so I grabbed the 14s, size Large sweaters, and headed to the fitting rooms.  I was shocked when the jeans and sweater were TOO BIG!!!  I ended up getting size 12 jeans (which are loose!) and I fit into size Medium sweaters!  (I still got the large in some styles as I like my tops loose)  Woohoo!  I am so excited.

I stepped on the scale this morning, and was down to 162...which is the lowest I had gotten before my last pregnancy.  Here's hoping I continue to go down!

This Saturday (2 days!!!)  my hubby and I will be doing Tough Mudder.  This is my husband's 3rd run, my first.  I am SO nervous!  I am also hoping the Lord uses us to be a good witness for Him!  We are going to be joined by my cousin, and another cousin of mine will be doing an earlier wave, so we'll meet up with him later.

How I do THM:  

I typically have coffee with a creamer for my breakfast.  Occasionally I'll have sprouted toast with a tsp of butter.  (the creamer is not on plan, but has a small amount of sugar, so I use it.)

Lunch is usually leftovers from supper;  which is always on plan.

Snacks are usually fresh mozzarella, nuts, or popcorn with nutritional yeast.

Drinks throughout the day are usually water, Bai Antiwater, or Bai juice.

Supper is always something from the THM cookbook.  (For instance, tonight will be Cabb & Saus Skillet.)  If I am working out that day, I usually choose a crockpot meal for convenience.

If I'm running errands, I typically don't stay on plan.  If I choose to stay on plan, I get Qdoba, or a Breve Latte at Starbucks.

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