Monday, October 24, 2016

Focus on Fitness

Lately, I have decided to focus on my Health and Fitness.   I still have about 20lbs. to lose to reach my goal.  I follow Trim Healthy Mama, and have just recently created a workout schedule for myself.  Exercise is greatly encouraged on THM, despite many, many mama's touting impressive weight loss numbers without working out.

My weekly workout schedule looks something like this:

Sunday:  Rest Day
Monday:  Run (2 miles or more)
Tuesday:  PiYo (30 minutes or more)
Wednesday:  Run (2 mi.+)
Thursday:  RIPPED class (55 min.)
Friday:  Run (2 mi.+)
Saturday:  Kickboxing/PiYo/Zumba (basically whatever I want)

Occasionally, the Y will have a special RIPPED class on Friday night or Saturday morning.  If Bram is working second shift, I occasionally attend the morning RIPPED classes on Monday and Wednesday.

Sometimes, I know some ladies wonder how to work out and stay modest.  When I am running or going to the Y, I typically wear a racerback tank (preferably high-neckline), somewhat long to cover my butt.  Bottoms are normal, workout bottoms such as Under Armour capris, or in fall/winter...leggings.  In the summer, I wear workout shorts, but make sure to either wear the 2-layer shorts or long shorts.  Everyone has their own standard of modesty.  Before I go or do any kind of workout, I do ask my husband what he thinks of my clothes.  I've had him say "No." to numerous items.  I also try the "plank test" with my tops...if you can see my breasts when I'm in plank...that top is OUT!  My favorite brands for workout clothes are Under Armour, Victoria Sport (formerly Victoria Secret Sport, or VSX), and Old Navy Active.

Workout bras are a MUST, seriously!  I only wear Victoria Sport bras.  They have all kinds of different styles and supports.  They are just so comfortable, and they work so well to hold you in and close while jostling around!   
My workout shoes are either trail running shoes, or training shoes.  My favorite brands are Under Armour, Asics, Salomon, New Balance and Fila.  I have a problem with my shoes slipping around when at the Y due to the waxed gym I try to use my training shoes for the gym.  Trail-running shoes do NOT do well indoors!
You can buy dumbbells at Walmart, Target, Dicks, and Scheels. Start with 2s or 3s...then work your way up to whatever you can handle SAFELY.  You're not trying to prove anything to anyone, so be careful!  I started my Y classes with my 3 pounders and am just about able to go up to 7....and I've been doing classes on and off for about 1.5 years.
 So, I encourage everyone to start some kind of exercise routine for themselves.  I know that as a mom, there are precious few times to workout, but if you make it a will happen.  Fitness is very important to my husband and I, so we make it a priority.  I always tell myself this when I don't feel like working out and start to come up with all of the excuses...

"No one has ever finished a workout, and regretted it."  

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