Friday, October 21, 2016

My Trim Healthy Mama Plan (a blurb)

I have to admit...I am not 100% on plan.  I still splurge at Starbucks.  I eat real pizza.  I love me some Doritos (more than I should, seriously!).  But I do try to stay on plan as much as I can.

All of our dinners are from the THM cookbook.  Our go-to recipes are Cabb & Saus Skillet, Rich & Tender Stew, Coconut Thai Chicken, Chicken Florentine, Lemon Herb Drummies, Bangin' Ranch Drums, and Eggroll in a Bowl.  We just discovered the Trim Zuppa Tuscana Soup and everyone loves it!  I do alot of the crockpot meals for convenience.

I always have brown rice on hand.  Salsa Chicken was a favorite meal as I was growing up, and the Watcha Want Mexican Chicken is exactly the same.  I add a can of black beans to our pot for more substance, and the kids and my hubs add a dollop of sour cream to their helpings.  I also serve the Coconut Thai Chicken over Brown rice, making it a crossover...which is better than going off plan with white rice.  My husband always likes a starch with his dinners.  I always have coconut milk in my cabinets.  I snack on fresh mozzarella, which you can find in the produce section of Walmart.  I also love to snack on various nuts, and popcorn with nutritional yeast sprinkled generously on top.  I also keep canned tomatoes in stock.  I buy the bulk containers of spices that I use frequently...such as garlic powder, onion powder, and chili powder.

This past month, we went half in on a half of a cow with my brother-in-law.  That gave us tons of ground beef, chuck roasts, and various other forms of steak.  That is so amazing to have in our freezer, as we can use the meat in a variety of THM meals.  Everything came out to around $3/lb.!!

So, this is just a small blurb about how I make THM work for me.  I realize that I may not see terrific results because of my non-purist, and sometimes off-plan ways...but this works for me!

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