Tuesday, May 17, 2016

5 Things I can't Live Without

There are just some things that a mom just can't live without.  Here is a list of the 5 things this mama of 6 just can't live without.

5. Keurig 2.0
Yes, I know...I *could* technically live without coffee.  But seriously, caffeine is in my blood.  I can drink coffee before bed and still sleep 7 hours.  I love my Keurig!  I love the little K-cups.  I love that I can have single cup of coffee without re-heating a pot every time I want need one.  Yes, I know the little cups are expensive, but it's one expense my dear hubby is willing to make.  **Side note:  We just got the 2.0 and it can now brew a carafe!!!!!  So when company arrives I can make a 4-cup carafe.

4.  Essential Oil Diffuser

Seriously.  This thing is AMAZING!!  You can have wonderful aroma's wafting through your home without harsh chemicals or soot.  Plus, the oils can help with ailments you may (or may not) have flying through your home.  (my husband's favorite blend is Lavender, Peppermint, and Lemon)

3. iPhone

I love my iPhone!!  (I have the iPhone 6)  This little box can do SO much!  I can listen to music, connect with friends, take pictures of my kids, etc.  I mostly use it to listen to music, which is also in my blood. (I took 7 years of violin lessons)

2.  Woven Wrap

I am totally in love with babywearing!! It is a real life saver!  So, I have literally 12 of these things.  (I'm trying to sell some but with no luck)  It is so nice to just throw my fussy 5-month-old on my back so I can do laundry, school, or anything else that need to be done (which is pretty  much everything)

1.  Study Bible

I had a regular Bible for the longest time, and didn't really think about any other Bibles.  Then, I needed a new one and I discovered study Bibles.  WOW!  They are an awesome resource for Bible study, and personal reflection!  Sometimes I get lost in God's Word because I've been reading in one passage and the commentary at the bottom leads me to one verse which takes me to another passage and that's how I get lost in my Bible.   I really encourage you all to check out a study Bible.

So, there you have it!  The  5 material things I can't live without.  What are some things that you absolutely love?  


  1. 1.God and His Word---this is the only I can't live without, of course. The next one, I pray God does not call me to live without which is 2. Family. The last I can live without, if necessary, but hope God continues to bless me with these few desires: 3. freedom; 4.books; 5.country living

  2. Very nice! I was mostly referring to material things...I will probably do another post with most important things in my life. Thanks for sharing!