Thursday, May 19, 2016

3 Ideas for Controling Chaos

Managing a large family is quite the learning curve!  I grew up in a household of 5.  My husband grew up in a household of 5.  We are a household of 8.  So, with that comes some learning.  You have to learn how to manage your family appropriately without going crazy or always feeling like you're drowning in chores.  How do you manage all of the laundry that comes with a large family?  (I am STILL learning that one.)  How do you budget for a large family?  How do you manage extracurricular activities in a large family?  All of these questions are important to managing your large family.


Yeah, this one is my nemesis.  I have yet to conquer this one.  We did try one summer to limit how many of each item of clothing everyone had, but I ended up buying more clothes as I was washing too many loads every day to keep up. (having 4 boys will do that to you.  They attract all manner of dirt and grime.)  What I *TRY* to do every day is at least 2 loads.  (you know that meme where it says you keep washing the same load so mildew doesn't set in?...yeah that's me.)  Just this past year I created a system of baskets with everyone's name on them.  The baskets are small and light so even my 2-year-old can carry one.  Each morning (or whenever I have a load done) they grab their baskets and put their clothes away in their assigned drawers. I've even taught my almost 7-year-old how to put wash in the washing machine and then transfer them to the dryer.  She likes that chore.  My advice is to include the children in the laundry as soon as they are able.


My husband is in charge of the finances for us.  He gives me a weekly budget, and every Monday I go to the bank and withdraw the amount in cash.  Cash makes sure I don't go over budget.  It's kind of hard to spend money you don't physically have, right?  Everyone's weekly budget will look different, depending on income, number of people, and other things.  I suggest talking it through with your husband and mutually coming to an agreeable amount.


With so many kids in one family, and all of the kids getting older and looking for fun things to do:  how do you keep them all straight and happy without going crazy??  I just signed F up for summer gymnastics class with her cousin.  My brother-in-law has wonderfully offered to pick her up and take her to the class every week.  On the Monday's he cannot do it, my dear Mother-in-law has offered to take the girls.  Most things require me to pack all 6 kids in the van and go.  I don't mind it most days, but it can get overwhelming.  I can only imagine what it will look like if TJ wants baseball, L wants football, or K and R have soccer.  In the fall, the kids who are 5+ go to Pioneer Club at their cousin's church every Wednesday.  I usually am able to take only the kids in PC and leave the littles at home with Daddy.  But on the days I can't do that, I take them all and we just play in the nursery until it's done.  My advice is to just understand that if you want your kids to be involved in sports or other extracurricular activities, it's gonna take a lot of time and some annoyance.  I'm blessed to have a husband and family I can rely on, but it's not always possible.  Extra things will take sacrifices.

Do you have some suggestions in these 3 categories?  Please share them in the comments! 

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