Wednesday, February 1, 2017

THM Super Bowl Party ~ No Special Ingredients Edition

The Super Bowl is upon us once again!  My Seahawks didn't make it, but the Patriots did so I have a team to cheer for!  If you're planning on having a Super Bowl party, here are some great, no-special-ingredients ideas.


Cheese stuffed bacon wrapped jalapenos
Cheese tray
Smoked sausage
Cheesy Bacon Zucchini Skins (using Rohnda's Ranch Dressing)
Bacon-wrapped Meatballs (There's a meatball recipe in the cookbook)

Main Dishes

Hamburgers (plain, or on plan-approved bread/buns)
Taco Salad (cookbook)
Enchiladas (Mrs. Criddle has a great recipe!)
Ribs (with on-plan BBQ sauce. Mrs. Criddle has a great one!)


Broccoli Salad
Veggie tray (with Rohnda's Ranch Dressing from the cookbook!)
Fruit tray
Deviled Eggs (cookbook)
Ham & Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms


Coney Island Party Dip
7 Layer Pizza Dip (for veggies, plan-approved chips, any of the crunchy recipes in the cookbook)
Honey Mustard Dressing (cookbook)
Rohnda's Ranch Dressing (cookbook)


Cottage Berry Whip (cookbook)
Magic Bars (there are a few on plan ones floating around Pinterest)
Strawberries and Whipped Cream
Cheesecake (cookbook)

These are just a few of the many delicious, on-plan Superbowl party ideas you can find on Pinterest or on the many THM blogs.  Have fun watching the game, and staying on plan, Mamas!


*Recipes taken from these bloggers:  Mrs. Criddle's Kitchen & Joy Filled Eats.

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