Friday, April 21, 2017

Determined to Stay Active

I am resolved.  No excuses.  I WILL maintain an active pregnancy.

I always say I'm going to keep up with exercises and workouts during my pregnancies...and then promptly use the fatigue, the aches, the pains to excuse my laziness.  Well, not this time!  I'm currently at my lowest starting pregnancy weight since Fionna (I was 130lbs. when I got pregnant with her...)  at 167.  I want to keep that, and maybe lower it.  At the most, I don't want to gain a ton more.  I only gained 7lbs. with Winry so I know it can be done!!

So, what's my plan??

1.  I will stick to a healthy diet.

I will mostly stick to a Trim Healthy Mama diet with graces given for times I just slip or knowingly go off plan.  I'll be watching calories and counting macros to some degree.  I will make sure I'm getting the right amount of protein.  I'll be making better choices.

2.  I will actually workout.

I've found several pregnancy weightlifting programs that I want to follow.  Of course, no super heavy weights, but since I was already doing that prior to getting pregnant, I can still do it during.  I also will still be doing my Zumba, PiYo, and RIPPED classes when I can.  I thoroughly enjoy jogging in the summer, and cannot wait to start back up soon!

3.  I will listen to my body.

With all exercising, you must listen to your body.  If it feels uncomfortable, check your form.  If it causes issues afterwards, lighten your weights/shorten your reps.  Knowing what your body can handle is great for preventing injury.  Listening also means, if you're craving something, eat it.  It's ok if it's not the healthiest...just have it once.  If you crave it all of the time, maybe try finding a healthier alternative.  I'm currently craving jalapenos...which are pretty that's a plus!

I am determined to remain active and healthy throughout this pregnancy.  I enjoy working out, and being active, and that can make a pregnancy pretty enjoyable, too.   

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