Thursday, March 9, 2017

The Friendship of Moms

This past year (2016) we made the tough decision to leave the church we had been members of for 7 years.  Our children were born and baptized in that church.  We still visit occasionally, and remain friends with most of the members today. 

We began attending the church our brother and sister attend, and we are close to becoming members.  Even though we are not members yet, we feel that we are already part of it.  My kids have been going to their Pioneer Club for 3 years now.  We went to 2 years of VBS.  Last summer, we did the weekly Moms in the Park.  Our kids have lots of friends, and I have friendships with many of the moms. 

That friendship the moms of this church actively cultivate is beyond amazing! During the summer, we meet weekly at a local park for a playdate/talk time.  In the fall/winter/spring months we meet once a month and have a book discussion.  I know that the friendships I had with the moms helped me get through the depressing days after my miscarriage.  Several of them have had miscarriages of their own, and offered love, prayer, and support.  If there is anything we need prayer for, everyone feels free to post in our Facebook group, and all of the moms pray and ask for updates.  It's so encouraging!! 

As you readers know, I posted that I was going through some health issues lately.  I had pregnancy symptoms, and a faint positive in February.  After the faint positive, I took several more tests, but they were super faint, to negative.  I was still having symptoms, though.  I got an hcg blood test done (2, actually), and it was negative.  I waited another week, and then started bleeding (like a period...just 2 weeks late).  My midwife thinks I was pregnant, but that it "failed" shortly after implantation.  I had the faint positive while the hcg was still in my system.  But she is not 100% positive of it, as there are other explanations.  So, we are just not dwelling on that, but leaving it in God's hands.  We will know for sure when we get to heaven. I am feeling pretty much normal now, so I am thanking God for that! 

I was able to ask the moms for prayers as we went through this confusing "am I pregnant, or not" situation.  It was amazing to have love and support!  Having other moms to go to when I need help is really wonderful! 

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