Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Starting Over

Hi all!  I'm starting a new blog.  I was originally over at Blissful Homemaking, but I felt the Lord leading me in a different blogging direction--large families.

I have a large family.  2 adults and 6 children.  What makes my family even more of a public spectacle is that my kids are all a year apart or so except the youngest 2, who are exactly 2 years apart.


I have so many people commenting on the size of my family every time I go out in public.  I know we aren't normal but some days the comments can hurt me deeply.   I want other moms of many littles to find encouragement in my blog.  I want those who don't have large families to read my blog and gain an understanding of what it is like.  I want to share the ups and downs of my family to be a light in the darkness.  Thank you for joining me on my blog. 

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