Wednesday, May 18, 2016

#WCW: Susanna Wesley (Women of Faith series, #1)

Susanna Wesley

Susanna Wesley was the mother John and Charles Wesley.  She and her husband, Samuel had 19 children, 9 of which lived to adulthood.   She was an amazing woman, who homeschooled her children and had great faith.  She had 16 House Rules that she ruled her house with. You can see them listed at Raising Godly Children.

We can use Susanna as a godly role model for motherhood.  She homeschooled her 9 living children.  She raised them in the fear and admonition of the Lord.  Her sons became great preachers.  She lived for Christ, and instilled her faith in every aspect of her life.  We must be diligent about doing the same in our lives.  Our children must see our faith being lived in us.  We must pray daily that our children grow in faith and never wander away from the faith.  We must trust in the Lord and place our children in His tender loving hands

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